Welcome to our campsite Waldteichfreunde Moritzburg e.V. at niederen Waldteich in Volkersdorf. Emerged from the precursors of the nudist movement, our association Waldteichfreunde e.V. was founded in 1910. It started with a piece of leased land at niederen Waldteich, a shelter and a handful of people which are bathed and sunned partially nude. After the official statement to a nudist association at the beginning of the 1920th, the site was expanded. They build more shelter, sport facilities and a fountain.

The beginning of a varied association history, continues until today.It is the beauty of the nature, which attracts our members and holidaymakers to travel to our wonderful Moritzburger pondarea, located just a few kilometers from Dresden. And of course it is the wonderful mix of sporting activities, relaxation and fellowship, which characterizes our association. Become a part of this community and enjoy your holiday on our campsite.


We would be glad to welcome you.